Plendify FinTech

Next Generation Lending Platform for Businesses in Africa

Plendify is a technology company focused on solving access to working capital for businesses in Africa and creating strong local supply chains on the continent.

We solve the following challenges

Capital providers need new tools to grow and better serve their clients.

Overwhelmed Customer ServiceMissed Revenue OpportunitiesToo Much PaperworkTime Consuming

Our Solution

An intelligent proprietary credit adjudication platform
(PlendScore™) powered by artificial intelligence where small
and medium sized businesses will receive working capital loans

Algorithm improves with each loan recommendation

Limitless input of data to make better decisions

Real-time Data Credit Adjudication

Integrated Fraud Detection tools to protect loan portfolio

How PlendScore™ Works

Key Platform Features

20 Minutes Application Process
Instant Scoring Engine
Superior Client Service
Real-time Management Insights
Credit Risk Management

Our team builds APIs on to previously untapped data sources, creating a win-win situation. The PlendScore™ enables Financial Institutions to develop innovative products and generate additional revenue

We can help you achieve the following goals

Short-Term Goal
Deliver more value to end users
Mid-Term Goal
Partner for Innovation
Long-Term Goal
Access new revenue streams

Client Use Case

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funding Application

Mastercard Foundation and National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI)

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funding Application
Take Your Lending Business To Greater Heights With Plendify Fintech Platform